I'm a web designer, developer and photographer living in Newmarket, Ontario.

As a web designer I have found that I need to be more involved with the client; I have to be a writer, photographer, coder, illustrator and graphic designer. I also have to be an effective communicator; client's needs must be heard and customer service must happen. This "involvement" is something that I thought I would never really enjoy, I was wrong, I do enjoy it.

As a designer I prefer designs that are clean, simple and intuitive and starting with this site I'm adding responsive to that list.

I am also a Production artist, a career I had for 17 years before web design. So, if you want your business cards, brochures or pamphlets to match the look and feel of your site, I can do that.

A short time from now I'll be adding a blog, once the Wordpress theme is complete. I want the blog to match the rest of the site, and in the process I learn something new.

If you're visiting this site on your phone all you have access to is this page and my contact page, I don't want to waste your bandwidth on the pages that will look better on your tablet, laptop or desktop. When the blog goes live, that will be accessible from your phone as well.